One focus of WGW's consulting activities is IT law. We advise modern e-commerce and traditional retail companies alike on the implementation, negotiation and drafting of contracts and cooperations.

Our team is not only versed in consulting and support of classic IT projects, i.e. software industry consulting or IT services, but also regarding all questions that arise in connection with the digitalization of your company ("Digital Business").

WGW advises clients on the digital transformation of their company. IT procurement projects, complex software or cooperation agreements, cloud solutions, agile software projects, WGW advises and designs with your business goal in mind.

Our decades of experience and high-level specialization give us particular expertise in advising on aspects of cloud computing, data protection, Internet and e-commerce, IT process management, outsourcing, transactions, agile project contracts and platform solutions. We draft general terms and conditions and review web stores, mobile apps, trading platforms, etc. The interdisciplinary interfaces between IT law and intellectual property law have proven particularly valuable on the occasion of the increasing digitalization of our clients' trade and sales.

WGW is particularly concerned with the issues of software creation, transfer, customization, escrow contracts, ASP, software-as-a-service contracts, MSP, maintenance contracts, service level agreements and implementation of ERP systems and DMS systems. WGW creates modular contract systems for clients, which easily allow necessary changes and adaptations at any time.