WGW provides extrajudicial and judicial advice and litigation in the field of intellectual property law, including competition law, trademark law, design law, and design patent law. One focus is the examination of the legal admissibility of advertising campaigns, promotional literature and product presentations of our clients.

Our lawyers are familiar with the special features of e-commerce and digitalized marketing in terms of competition law. WGW advises you on all aspects and takes competition law risks and decisions into account. We pay particular attention to the antitrust requirements to which our clients may be subject.

In trademark law, we advise on all aspects of trademark strategy and trademark identification to trademark registration. We investigate and register national trademarks, community trademarks (EU) as well as international trademarks.

The drafting of trademark and license agreements is equally part of our tasks. Representation in domain disputes belongs to the intersection of IT law and trademark law and thus belongs to our core competencies.