IT Law

One focus of our activities is IT law.

We advise the hardware and software industry and support system houses of all sizes.  To the same extent, we represent companies from a wide range of industries in the areas of IT law.

We supervise complex IT projects and not only provide the contractual basis, but also review contracts and conduct negotiations with the contractual partner / opponent.

We are available for extrajudicial and judicial litigation in the entire spectrum of IT law.

We advise on the occasion of the implementation of shop systems and thus, if necessary, further outsourcing contracts. We develop general terms and conditions and review webshops, trading platforms, etc.. The interdisciplinary interfaces between IT law and labor law have proven to be particularly effective in the introduction of electronic systems in companies.

We are particularly concerned with the issues of software creation, licensing, adaptation, escrow contracts, ASP, SAAS, MSP, maintenance contracts, service level agreements and the introduction of ERP systems and DMS systems.

We create modular contract systems for our clients, which make necessary changes and adaptations easily possible at any time.